The Little Laners has now launched

Written By Raquel Surally Wallace on Friday, 13 June 2014 | 12:06

So we've been a bit quiet on the blogging front, keeping our heads down working on a new project, but I'm jumping back on the horse and excited to announce that we have now launched The Little Laners.  It's where we like to think the cool kids hang out!

We try to keep it bright, keep it colourful, keep it fun and creative, basically keep it anything but boring. There is nothing worse than turning up to a kids birthday party with the same present as someone else. I know I've been there with my little goddaughter, she's too small to understand why she has triplet mini-mouses, that's what we decided to call it to spare the embarrassment.

So with that in mind we thought enough's enough.  It's time the kids got a share of our discoveries and boy did we do good.. ahem, even if we do say so ourselves!  Actually we were super lucky, we searched and we found.  We are excited to be working with so many creative and exciting designers all leading the way to make life a little less boring for everyone.

So without further ado, welcome kids designers with your quirky colourful twist you are making buying presents for kids more fun, and importantly a little more unique.

Enjoy your journey through The Little Laners from toys and clothing to funky homewares to help them build their castle and cool accessories to make them stand out from the crowd.  We have a little something for everyone.


About Raquel Surally Wallace

With an obsession for the creative, colourful and quirky I am Co-founder of The Lost Lanes an ethical marketplace where ethical people sell creative things. 

I was a classic high street shopper but when I started to learn more about how things are made and I started to ask the question "who made this?" I wasn't entirely convinced with the answers. 

So together with my husband we set up The Lost Lanes, curating a marketplace listing only creative and ethical designer/makers based in the UK. We want everyone to ask questions and push for a better way of manufacturing. 

Our fairly made marketplace is just the start of something wonderful, and I'm proud to list the sellers we do.  We are aiming to disrupt the high street, shopping ethical doesn't mean changing who you are it just means someone has worked hard to create something with quality, love and consideration. 

We are The Lost Lanes, we are Made By People.